Homemade and Ready-Made Kefir

The easiest way to have fresh kefir available any time is to make it yourself! Among the benefits of homemade kefir: you can choose the milk you use — organic, nonfat, low fat, whole, goat’s or cow’s milk; it’s very rich in microorganisms, and, of course, it can’t get any fresher. Our kefir starter culture contains six packets that can each be used seven times. For more information on the starter culture, call Body Ecology at: 1-800-511-2660, or click here to go to the Body Ecology online store.

You can also check out the full line of Body Ecology products on-line at the Body Ecology Store.

  • Marlayna

    I live in Prince Edward Island, Canada and I have some Kefire that I am selling for $15 if you live in the area and are looking for some.

  • Kefir in Delhi, India. If you are in India, and want kefir grains, mail me at ekshringa13(at)gmail(dot)com.

  • jksozib

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  • MikeMoskos

    If you live in South Florida, here’s a free culture exchange:
    You can contact me too at [email protected]. I have have extra kefir grains I can give away every few weeks.

  • Jacob

    I have live water and milk kefir grains to share in the US. Email [email protected] if interested.

    • Leon L Scott Jr

      Are you selling them, or gifting them?

  • Adão Lacerda

    I am using Kefir natural flower for few years now and I think it has made my system better. I brought it from Europe. Doctors don’t want to hear about Kefir. Somebody explain to me why don’t they like to have a healthier patient? I just turned 65 and I feel great. I take the Kefir cream before I go to sleep but I am going to change the habit to the morning. The reasons? I have none I just want to try different hours. I sleep well though…

    • Jay

      Why don’t doctors want to hear about Kefir and have healthy patients? I wonder if it has something to do with the drugs companies….they have a profit motive to keep people sick

      • kt07734

        My doctor said drinking kefir daily would be healthy for me. It will keep my gut filled with good bacteria and my immune system strong. I love my doctor, it is unusual for a doctor to care about preventative medicine in the US.

  • sarah wallis

    Hello, I have fresh kefir grains which i am happy to supply as long as postage and packaging is sent, my email is [email protected] if youare interested.
    I have been taking fresh kefir and using it to make daily smoothies for some yrs now, it has helped immensley with lactose intolerance and it has given me lots of energy . I haven`t had a cold since i have been taking kefir daily and all my friends say i look 10 yrs younger than my real age.

    • Alison

      Hi Sarah,

      Would you post to Ireland?


  • MARC

    I Im miami , can any one help me ? I need some free kifer grain , please let me know .

    • kt07734

      I can send you kefir if you are still looking for some. Email me at [email protected]

  • Does anyone know if this stuff is good for Angina? I have been recently diagnosed with this, I have been reading the benifits of this stuff, sounds great. Can you buy this all premade? or do you have to make it your self?

  • I have read some of the benifits of this been reading about all the benifits, does anyone know if this good for Angina? i have been recently diagnosed with this….drop me a e-mail if anyone knows.

  • Theresa

    Hi, please let me know where I can find Kefir granules in the Gauteng area. Please email me at [email protected]

  • Kat

    I can make the kefir from the goat milk I have to use because I have a allergy to the whey in cows milk. But how much of the whey protine is present in the starter for the kefir?
    Thanks for your time,

  • Alex Bate

    I live in Gauteng , Fourways where may I obtain Goats Kefir. I have recently otained info on the advantages of the use of it

    • Rene Testa

      Hi Alex

      If you get an answer to your question, please let me know. i run a home for abandoned babies in Weltevredenpark and would like to get hold of it too. Best regards, René

      • kt07734

        I have kefir that is grown in goats milk. Email me at [email protected] if you are still looking for it.

    • Alan

      I have but only cultivated with normal 2% milk

  • betty baird

    i am trying to find a place to buy kifrer, i a lot of problems with u.t.i.s and been on a lot of meds to cure it. antibotices cause yeast infections also so please tell me where to go get some. or call me at 5019880240 i am in need of help

    • Hi Betty,
      If you don’t mind paying for the shipping, usually $5 in the USA, i can send you kefir grains. You can make your own, which is very easy and even fun! [email protected]

  • Clare Kuepfer

    Hi everybody,
    We have started a new discussion group on facebook called (healing with goat kefir). If you have questions or answers about kefir, we would like to see you there.

  • Sandra Noton

    Where can I purchase Kefir (prepared) in Norman Oklahoma

    • Clare Kuepfer

      I don’t know about Oklahoma. We make and sell Raw Goat milk kefir in Michigan, but ship it frozen anywhere in the USA. Our website is (we will be set up to sell kefir online in the next few days).

    • Rosemary Griffis

      Sandra, I found your post on the Kefir website. Did you ever find any kefir grains? I live in northwest OKC and am looking for some. Thanks, Rosemary.

      • kt07734

        I have extra kefir grains. Email me at [email protected] if you are still looking for some.

  • Sandra Noton

    Where can I busy Kefir in Norman Oklahoma

  • Omar

    Looking for kefir grains in Cape Town.Please let me know if you have to share or sell.

    • Hi Omar,

      You are in South Africa right? I don’t have any dried but you can get them at They ship internationally starting at just $3.00.

      best wishes to you,

  • judy

    why can a kefir starter be used only 7 times?

    • Hi Judy,
      I’m not sure why they can only be used 7 times, but I would really encourage you to use kefir grains. They end up infusing the milk with at least 7 times as many different types of friendly bacteria. We, of course, sell ready made kefir, at, but it would be cheaper for you to do it yourself if you have good fresh raw milk available. May God bless you, Clare

  • Marietjie

    Where in Cape Town can I order kefir. thanks