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  • Priscila Ferreira De Lima
  • Katie Dunn

    I am going away for a couple of weeks and want to take my Kefir culture with me – I can take it in a plastic pot in hand luggage but wondered how long I could keep it sealed up for – any one done the same?

  • Nom Eight

    Hello, I came in to a trouble growing water kefir recently, I don’t know if this is right place to ask.
    My water kefir is decreasing and I have no idea why it’s happening. My guess is because of molasses, but that can’t be the case right?
    I’m using glass bottle as fermentation, using ratio of 1/4 cup sugar and grain,1 cup of water and tea spoon of molasses. I’m using organic cane sugar, poland spring water, and blackstrap molasses(not written to be organic) from near store.
    When I first got the grain, it worked out great. Almost no sugar taste after 48 hour, grains multiplied twice as much using molasses.
    After a while, it did not increase.
    I tried many ways of growing water kefir as written on all different website of growing water kefir, which confused me too much.
    One thing I saw as problematic is that when I add fruit on first fermentation, fruit pieces floated around and sank with grains. That can’t be good for grains right? or not?
    I first added lemons, and saw this website that lemons are not good for kefir grains. So I added banana next, which I saw more floating pieces so I stopped.
    Even then, grains kept decreasing and this time, I noticed brown skin like thingy that stuck to the grains. Pieces of it also floated around. The only that brown thing was molasses, so I stopped using molasses.
    After a while, they finally increased tiny amount, and I heard molasses help them increase their number, so I tested again. Sound stupid to use molasses again, but I don’t know the exact reason for kefir decreasing, and internet says they are good, so I did not hesitate.
    Now today, changing their water, again I’ve noticed more brown spots and decrements on kefir grains.
    I don’t get why is this happening, and it really annoys me. Please help..

  • Liz

    Can anyone help please? I took some milk kefir grains out of the freezer, fermented them at least half a dozen times to let them settle down and I’ve just tasted the kefir. It tastes different to normal and is very fizzy, there are bubbles in it like its gone alcoholic. Do you think they are okay? The kefir is thick but not as creamy. Thanks.

  • Dee

    I’m making milk kefir and right now I need to take a break for a week because I have enough for a while. I will refrigerate the grains in milk in the fridge and when I am ready to make more kefir, do I strain and discard the milk the grains have been sitting in…or can I drink that after leaving it on the counter for 24 hours. Is it safe to drink that?