Kefir Benefits

The benefits of consuming kefir regularly in the diet

Easily digested, it cleanses the intestines, provides beneficial bacteria and yeast, vitamins and minerals, and complete proteins. Because kefir is such a balanced and nourishing food, it contributes to a healthy immune system and has been used to help patients suffering from AIDS, chronic fatigue syndrome, herpes, and cancer. Its tranquilizing effect on the nervous system has benefited many who suffer from sleep disorders, depression, and ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder).

The regular use of kefir can help relieve all intestinal disorders, promote bowel movement, reduce flatulence and create a healthier digestive system. In addition, its cleansing effect on the whole body helps to establish a balanced inner ecosystem for optimum health and longevity.

Kefir can also help eliminate unhealthy food cravings by making the body more nourished and balanced. Its excellent nutritional content offers healing and health-maintenance benefits to people in every type of condition.

  • Molly Rossmiller

    I have kefir grains, will send them for the postage, am in AZ, They are very healthy. I cant keep up with production 🙂

    • Do you still have grains? I too live in AZ and am looking for health grains.

    • Molly, do you still have kefir grains? I live in Gilbert, AZ

  • Real Live Kefir Grains shared by worldwide members :

  • Patricia

    I have kefir grains in Pistoia Italy. If you are interested, please email me.

    • Aipolo Mao

      Hi Patricia,

      My name is Aipolo Mao and I’m from American Samoa a very small island nation in the South Pacific. I am very interested in the making of kefir so that my family and I would be able to use it as a source of health supplements. We have been affected and influenced with lots of diseases from all the unhealthy consumptions of our daily lives in which will bring sorrow as it is the main cause of death in now days. Therefore I would appreciated if if possible to send me a container of bag of grains and your instructions for producing/making kefir. Please Patricia let me know if its possible or not….we be awaiting for your answer.



    • Albina

      Mi interessano grani di kefir in modo di produre
      cosumtion a casa per me e la mia familia.
      Posso comprare da lei?


    • Simone Cinotti

      Patricia, potrei averne un po’?

  • hi 4 those people who want kefir i have. the name of my company is business empire we are the company that release bio kefir here in the phil…if you are interested you can txt me or email me [email protected] 09161521911 thank u and GODBLESS………

  • naj

    hi there

    I’m on hols in uk eastham n wud like to get some kefir grains before i leave. Anyone selling kefir grains in that area

    • I AM HERE IN PHIL my company sell that product here kindly txt me if u want 09161521911


    Hi,I have live & fresh ORGANIC CAUCASIAN(KAFKAS) FRESH A 2 MILK KEFIR GRAINS.With KEFIR GRAIN bag, include instructions how to make your own fresh KEFIR and post word wide.Anyone who is interested can email me ([email protected])regarding cost and postage.
    Afif Ismail

  • Brenda

    Hi everyone..I have had a double lung transplant and I am on many anti rejection meds…is anyone else out there on anti rejection meds and taking kefer…would like to see how it is going with you. Thanks

    • lisa

      Hi Brenda, congratulations on your transplant, I’ve had a kidney tranplant & I use both dairy kefir & water kefir.
      I haven’t had any issues with being “too healthy” ; you know what I mean. But if you feel at all hesitant about
      it you should talk to a professional about it (my Dr.’s are very hesitant about “healthy” things, but I wouldn’t
      stop eating sauerkraut or sour cream, they are cultured). I hope you find your answer, and if you do start do
      it sparingly and work up.

  • lainey

    Does anyone out there have any idea if Kefir is beneficial to someone with the autoimmune disease Wegener’s? My 24 year old daughter has been really sick for the past 2 years and I think maybe I should give this a try! She has just been given a chemo drug infussion that depleats her immune system so I would guess that this could only be beneficial! Hope so……

    • Dan Ghosoph

      I make my own kefir— and kefir fixes everything–no disease can survive in an intestine with kefir
      kefir is a probiotic made by sheep and goat herders– they spend months on end in the mountains shepherding the — sheep n goats and there only sustainence is milk–they accidentally discovered this yeast/ that grows on trees and it fell into a batch of fresh milk and they noticed the milk didn’t spoil it curdeled and — remained fresh and tastefull– about 4,000 years ago–
      and ever since the –the mountain shepherds have passed this substance down generation to generation—till we have it today–
      this kefire is not the only one there are many– bujt so far this is the best one its a super probiotic–
      google search — the benefits of milk kefir– also youtube has many good video same search enjoy your kefir– I consume about a quart everyday–I put kefir in everything I eat–on bread–in salads–in soups– in rice– on potatoes–mix it with everything– I spred it on pancakes with maple syrup–I mix kefgir with mayo and make tuna sandwiches–
      I spread it on sub sandwiches with everything else–I mix it with salad dressings and eat my sald with it–its universal– goes with everything sweet– or sour–

      • Dan Ghosoph

        DAN GHOSOPH #50
        3075 W ASHLAN AV
        FRESNO CA 93722

        • Seshagiri Rao

          Give it freely to others at least it will be a service to man kind as no additional cost is involved.

  • Gaurav

    I am patient of Under Active Bladder 🙁 . I read on net that Kefir water may be useful in my condition. Guys there are not many options available for treatment of my condition and I am forced to try on Kefir. I have ray of hope with kefir. Just pray that it works for UAB from which I am suffering at age of 30 only.

    I live in Kenya. I have my parents living in India. can anyone assist me with kefir grains either in Kenya or India.

    May god bless you.

    Thanks in advance.


    • Ram Moennsad

      You can get in touch with [email protected]. His name is Kishore and he is in Nairobi.
      He is my brother and he has some.

  • char

    hey i live in regina sask and have lots of kefir i’m willing to share, i found a website last time i shared and it had a list of 70 benefits it cures or helps, Now I cant find it. I would appreciate the help of anyone finding it. I cured my ibs and lactose intollerance with kefir and cant say enough about it.

    • peter

      I live near regina and woul like some kefir grains if you still have some.

    • Billy

      I lived in Regina. I would like to buy some live kefir grains from you if you still had some . Thank you.

    • Carol

      I’d also like some live Kefir Grains.

      • Customer Support

        What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word “bacteria”? Probably strong sense disgust, followed by an urge to wash your hands. Well I have news for you, most of the bacteria around us is harmless and some are even beneficial to our well being.

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    • Kimberlee

      Being new to this old discussion I was wondering if you still have the Kefir and if you would email me your prices etc. Also did you find that website listing all the benefits of Kefir? Do you know how much magnesium is in 1-2 cups Of plain Kefir or where I could find out the nutritional content of Kefir? Thank You! Kimberlee 🙂
      PS… Please use Kefir in the subject line. Thanks!

    • Suzanne Gailey

      Hi Char, I think this is the article you are looking for, it lists 77. I print this page whenever I am gifting my homemade kefir to friends.

      • Aubrie_Rose

        Great article. thank you!

  • Yulia

    Does anyone have kefir grains in Manchester, UK area? I would really like to have some. Please, email me at [email protected]

  • Christine

    My infant daughter was developing ear infection after ear infection and always seemed uncomfortable, even when asleep. A friend suggested probiotics, so I went to my local natural foods store and spoke to a clerk. Strawberry kefir was suggested, only a little at first and watered down to the consistency of thick formula. Six hours after the first 4 oz of kefir my daughter had a ” highly cleansing” BM that lessened her discomfort. I gave her a little kefir once every six hours for the first two days and then once a day after that. Today she has it every morning about 30 minutes before breakfast. she is four years old and has not had another ear infection, nor has she ever been ill, other than the occasional sniffle. I believe it is the kefir. Her regular pediatrician agrees.

  • Y.

    Any scientific proof of all these announced benefits? It would be good to provide references. Thank you!

    • kekee

      Why don’t you try it for a month and see how good you feel? You can be your own scientist. Anyone can do an experiment and keep a log. You can also do a lot of research if it would help – there are tons of testimonials from individuals that have nothing to gain by sharing their experience.

  • Stephanie

    I have just learned of the
    Wonderful benifits.of kiefer I am amazed!
    I would love start enjoying ASAP!
    If someone could help me with GRAINS & INFO
    to startl please email me. $pay shipping

    • Berrin


      Idk where do you live and can i ship to you grain etc…. But info wise i can help you ; first you get the grains it does not have to be too much for a starter then put in a clean jar and add milk and put the jar any place warm is better ; thats easy wait for the milk thickens (winter it takes 2-3 days summer almost every day or every other day) and you should see clear water like liquid near bottom of the jar, when you see, open the jar and smell it it smells like carbonated and tangy . Now you should have strainer empty the jar to the strainer and few shakings you can get the liquid kefir to the bowl this point kefir should be like yogurt consistency , at this point i add little bit water over the kefir and shake to get most liquid from kefir and with hot water and soap clean the jar and put the kefir inside the jar again add milk close the jar put it away wait again…(Grains are living bacteria every time you feed milk they will grow and each time you get more and more grains if your grains are more than you need you can throw it away some of it or give some needy friend…) I add a little bit salt to strained kefis liquid and drink it …. My husband and I have been using kefir over 3 years we did not get cold or flu… i hope you enjoy it ….

    • Linda

      Did you find some keifer grains to get started? I sell them so let me know if you’d like some and I’d be happy to mail them to you!
      Be blessed,

  • wilson

    hi i live in lisbon, portugal . im trying to get raw goats milk kefir grains if any one would like to share please contact me or mail me at [email protected]. kindly appreciated it


  • May

    Once keifer is used for baking, for example in baked bread, are all or some of the benefits still apparent? If so, which ones?

    • Biologist

      Baking will kill the live bacteria. The live bacteria are the main benefactors. So you will most likely not get much benefit if you heat the kefir to a high degree.

  • My cousin is a firm believer of kefir. She gave me some starter live grains and I have been drinking kefir milk smoothies for a month now.
    I used to suffer from flatulence but immediately experienced relief after I first drank it. I apply kefir milk on my face and let it dry before bedtime. I leave it on for a while and rinse it off. Kefir milk feels like a skin tightening mask. My cousin is in her sixties but her skin is youthful and smooth. She has been applying kefir milk for more than a year now. I am still observing the changes and improvement on my face.

    • Seshagiri Rao

      I don’t have a cousin to give me kefir grains kindly treat me as one of your cousin give me the same as i am Lactose intolerant and highly calcium deficient.

  • olfa

    anyone needs kefir grains in tunisia, I have some that I can share, please contact me on my email address; olfa77atala@yahoocom

    • lamia

      Im Tunisian. My name is Lamia. I leave in Manchester UK .How can I share some of your kefir grains ? Very grateful..Thank you.

  • Therese

    Anybody have water kefir grains or komucha in Beijing?

  • barbara

    It’s almost a week since I started drinking milk kefir and already I’ve noticed vast improvements – my skin looks and feels smoother, at age 71, my nails started to grow again and my digestion has improved enormously. I’ve stopped taking a liver tonic (5 years running)for my fatty enlarged liver and my energy level is rising high. That’s kefir for you.