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  • Is there any way to clean wet kefir grains that have dropped on dirty floor?

  • kefir holistic

    hello ! im an industrial design student and im working on a project of a kit to grow kefir grains at home. in this moment im trying to discover how many people are growing kefir grains. so i would like to ask – how many people are members, or participate in this forum ?

  • Matty Smith

    OK, so I’ve been using kefir for a good 3 months now. Mainly as a gastrointestinal remedy. A few years back I was given three courses of heavy duty antibiotic cocktails to eradicate helicobacter. Yes, it got rid of the bug but it left me in a worse condition. Standard medical doctors said I had IBS and wanted to give me another impressive list of drugs to take daily for the rest of my life which I was strongly against. I went to see an alternative practitioner who performed bio resonance tests on me who diagnosed me as having dysbiosis and candida of the digestive tract (bacterial and yeast overgrowth). He gave me a diet to follow which helped a lot but also gave me bad bloating and gas. So I decided to try out kefir milk… Initially it made me feel a lot worse. Painful stomach, really heavy bloating and sharp pains in my liver/ gall bladder area. So I decided to cut back on the dosage. This helped reduce these unwanted side affects. The first positive thing I seen was improvement in my skin and nail condition. Secondly I started to feel more mentally alert and astute. The next thing I spotted albeit gross. Was some of the strange things I seen in my bowel movements. Initially I thought it was worms but after asking around and researching I’ve found out it is candida tentacles .. These have become more and more apparent lately so it’s a sign I’m shifting the yeast. I also feel a lot better too. Less bloating, less pain. I’m glad I stumbled across this great miracle drink. I also really like the taste of it which is a bonus!

  • Salamander Teeth

    We have a lot of kefir grains that need a good home!!!

  • Jrcgj Hughes

    Does anyone have a recipe for strawberry extract. I have to admit I love soda. but since I discovered Water Kefir I’m hooked. So now I’m trying to gather up recipes for water kefir. I have already made my first two batches. I flavored the first batch with root beer extract. and the second with orange juice + rind. so now I want to make strawberry (I would like to try to flavor it like Faygo Red Pop. and If anyone has a recipe for a Squirt like taste that would be great too.

  • Karen McDonald

    Do I need to feed my milk kefir with nutrients?

  • john

    Crave longevity are offering FREE water kefir grains worldwide from just 99p using coupon code FREEKEFIR. Hurry before they run out!

  • Adrianne Barker Bracknell

    My first and second fermentations are taking 6-12 hours. How can I slow it down some? I have tried adding more milk but that doesn’t slow it down, I just have double the kefir.


    Can I take acidophilus and bifidus bacteria at the same time as kefir?

  • Juan Tanamera

    For maximum health benefits, I would like to ensure that my kefir is made with the greatest diversity of strains. Now, I have no idea how many different strains are in my little family of grains. Where can I get grains that are known to have the highest diversity of strains?

  • Brian

    I swallowed some milk kefir grains a few months ago by accident. Since then I have had terrible bloating and top end wind. Can these grains live on in the stomach? If so, how do I sort this please? I have had all the tests at hospital etc and they cannot come up with anything.

    • Brian

      Blimey, this seems to have been shuvved down the bottom a bit quick and it has not had a reply yet!

      • Brian

        Ruddy heck, nearly disappeared completely now

        • Brian

          No ideas anyone?

          • Shannon Hickers

            I’ve read that they are safe and cause no side effects. This is an interesting issue!

          • Brian

            Well I can’t get fixed at the moment. I read somewhere that you could have too much gut flora and I am wondering if that is what kefir has done to me.

  • Lin Heath

    Had our first kefir milk two hours ago and husband complaining of ‘starry’ vision in one eye? Anyone know if this might be a side effect please – I’m a bit worried about this?

  • Sleewood

    I store my kefir grains in a jar of milk in the refrigerator for about a week between batches. Do I have to remove the milk they were stored in and replace it with fresh milk (as all the instructions say), or can I just take the whole jar out of the refrigerator and allow it to culture in the same milk? That’s what I’ve been doing and it is certainly a lot easier, doesn’t waste milk, and makes tasty kefir. Since it isn’t what is recommended I want to make sure I’m still making healthy kefir this way.

  • Denis

    Hay guys. I’ve only recently started making my own kefir. I really like it but I’m always making a mess when draining the grains after fermentation. So I’ve digg in a bit and found this thing called Kefirko ( Seems to fix quite some problems.
    Does any of you have any experience with it? Is it really that easy to use? How are the materials? Seems to be quite a good deal now for the holidays.

    • Kseniya Kobayeva

      I use only glass jars to make kefir. This is a plastic container.

      • Denis

        No. It’s glass jar with plastic strainer and top. And it’s very good quality glass. I was surprised.

  • Ovic Zgodan

    hi.. do you know and never make recipes with kefir drink? how to make kefir be tasty and delicious?

  • me

    i drink about a quart a day when do you start seeing benefits of kefir? is a quart a day to much?

  • Veronica

    I can’t always get fresh fruit. Has anyone ever used canned fruit, mandarin oranges, peaches, pineapple?

  • pepe

    Hi there i accidentally poured boiling water over my kefir grains and it made them mushy how can i now revive them and make them harder and healthy again?

  • giacomo

    ciao a tutti vendo kefir da latte in quantita se volete spedisco in tutta italia contattatemi alla mia email sparpagliatevi [email protected]

  • Andy Janiszewski

    Hi all. Starting to make my own kefir with milk grains. My plan was to use coconut milk as many do, but I use so much coconut milk for other things that I wanted to be able to use something else. When I have milk protein (casein) in larger quantities, I have adverse reactions. Since the milk kefir grains ferment using lactose as fuel, would it be logical that I could use lactose powder with water as the solution for kefir growth? I avoid the protein issue that way, but still have the same proportion of lactose in the solution to allow the proper fermentation. Granted, the final consistency would be different, but not worried about that.