Kefir Benefits

The benefits of consuming kefir regularly in the diet

Easily digested, it cleanses the intestines, provides beneficial bacteria and yeast, vitamins and minerals, and complete proteins. Because kefir is such a balanced and nourishing food, it contributes to a healthy immune system and has been used to help patients suffering from AIDS, chronic fatigue syndrome, herpes, and cancer. Its tranquilizing effect on the nervous system has benefited many who suffer from sleep disorders, depression, and ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder).

The regular use of kefir can help relieve all intestinal disorders, promote bowel movement, reduce flatulence and create a healthier digestive system. In addition, its cleansing effect on the whole body helps to establish a balanced inner ecosystem for optimum health and longevity.

Kefir can also help eliminate unhealthy food cravings by making the body more nourished and balanced. Its excellent nutritional content offers healing and health-maintenance benefits to people in every type of condition.

  • Rawesome

    I have beautiful thriving kefir grains nourished
    with raw, healthy, clean, farm fresh goat’s milk.
    I ship anywhere in the U.S. If you are
    interested or have questions go to & click on contact

  • JK

    Anyone in metro with water kefir grains?

  • Michele

    Hi! I am new to kefir making and am finding the idea of making kombucha interesting. Does anyone have any scoby starter they are willing to share?

    • Stacey Self I found this website.. Recently I ordered from another site and got kefir and a scoby. I Just harvested my first batch of kombucha and drank just a little and will make a 2qt jar next. I was just online looking up the benefits. The above link is a site where you can order off that page. The page is full of information about kombucha tea.

      • Brenda

        My brother makes kombucha tea and kefir. He recently tried mixing the tea and kefir 1/2 and 1/2 and said it is like a “kefir float” and marveled at how delicious it was! I am anxious to try it when my first batch of tea is “brewed”. I have been making kefir for over five years. My husband and I think the health benefits from Kefir are wonderful, primarily for the probiotics we are consuming. We are in our early 60’s. I use it in place of buttermilk in all recipes; I marinate chicken in it before cooking; and it makes the best “ranch” dressing, just substitute kefir for the milk.

  • Kamal yousef

    anyone in UAE (United Arab Emiretes) need Kefir, I have it, and it is for FREE. just contact me on my email.

    • Tayyaba

      I want plz 🙂

    • abir

      hi, thank you for posting. i lost my kefir and i need it badly.
      send me back an email or this is my mobile number, 050 420 32 46
      call me please or just text me or miss call me.
      as i can’t read my emails daily.
      and if you need a place for buying a fresh goat and cow’s milk. there is 1 farm on Sharjah airport road they sell
      1 L for just 4aed
      thank you again

    • BAHA

      Hi Kamal, please let me know if you still have the grains? and where do you stay? Dubai?


    • Moza

      ih kamal I live in UAE and I need kefir I’m in AlAin.

    • RUBY

      Hi Kamal,

      I’d like to have some kefir grains. Email me at ( where to pick the grains.


    • angel

      Hi Kamal
      Do you still have the kefir grains to share.I would like to have some.
      How to contact you? Or is it possible for you to send me an email.My id is

    • elham

      Hi kamal
      I am looking for the kefir grains in uae and was not able to find it and if you don’t have it now, kindly help me find it , I am living in dubai
      I appreciate it. Thnks
      Pls email on

      • did u find ur kefir grains anywhere else

      • Ruby

        am living in dubai and just started making milk kefir for a week now. i will share some as soon as it multiplies in time.

      • Ruby


        i live in duabi. email me at i cant share my milk grains now since I just started making my milk kefir (my 4th day now). will share the grains when it multiplies. cheers

    • Hi am looking for kefir grains for medicinal purpose …. can u share you kefir grains

      • Charunya

        anyone looking for kefir grain email me

        • Charunya

          I live in dubai jebel ali

    • Kate Hodson

      Kamal, my sister lives in UAE and when she was down here in El Paso Texas she took some Kefir grains, but when she started the process notice that the grains did not activate. She said her Kefir were dead. Would you give me your email so I can send it to her. Don’t see your email on this post.


    • Abdulfattah

      Hello Kamal, if still available I’m interested

    • Riath Salem

      Assalaam Alaikum,
      I would love to get some Kefir grains, I live in Dubai would appreciate your advice on getting some.


      • Firey Flower

        you get it on ebay

    • Flora Dsouza

      Do u still have kefir?

    • rekha khann

      hello! do you still have kefir grains? i need them. i live in dubai. my no: 0506977962.

    • Tariq Qayyum Hashmi

      I am Tariq Hashmi living in Pakistan, please can you guide me how to get kefir in Pakistan (multan)
      If it is available in UAE I have a friend there please tell me the name its call over there.
      Thankfull, Hashmi

  • Lucy

    If anybody is looking for kefir gains I have an awesome person you can order them from. She also gives you instructions on how to maintain them along with recipes. My brother ordered them form her and was really happy with his purchase. Her name is Marilyn and her website is I hope this is helpful for those looking into buying kefir grains.

  • Crestlynn Wesig

    Can anyone mail some to Northeast Ohio, USA? I had some a few years ago but “lost” them when my husband and I split. I need some new for my significant other than suffered from a small bowel resection and is having terrible digestive issues.


    • Benmo

      Kefirlady is based out of northeast Ohio. That is where I got mine.

    • valerie

      I live in northeast and have been processing kefir out of organic goats milk…

      • kenny lockwood

        hi , I am wondering if you have any goats milk kefir grains you might be interested in mailing for the cost of postage and handling….? thank for your time and consideration
        thank you kindly
        Kenny Lockwood 917.509.7318

        • Rachael Meehan

          Yes, I will mail you kefir grains!!!! My grains have been raised on raw goat milk. Contact me at

      • raw milk with cream included yum i have extra grains in eugene,oregon

    • Barbara

      Crestlynn, have had a lot of GI problems myself ( GERD, Esophageal stricrures, hiatal hernia, and lastly colon cancer /cured with surgery) . Have found that OTC “Phazyme” reall helps with severaql GI issues. Might want to try it. This is mainly why I am interested in the learning about Kefir. Good luck!

  • firouzeh

    I need the kefir for my parents who live in Iran. Let me know if you know someone in Tehran, or Mashhad.

  • James F.

    I was wondering if anybody still had some extra Kefir grains. I have no problem paying for shipping, etc.
    just shoot me an email or let me know how i can get in contact with you!

    • I Have some grains would have to figure out cost of shipping

  • Dilip

    Need those kefir grains. Am in Johannerburg, S. Africa.

    • Barry


      I can help you with that. Let me know where in Jhb you are situated. I live in Roodepoort.

      • Margaret Nagel


        I need some kefir for a friend who is in JHB. Please contact me for further arrangements.


      • Charl Pansegrouw


        I live in Cradock Eastern Cape and have read about Kefir after hearing about it from my son in London. Technology has really made the world a global village!

        I would appreciate info on where I can obtain the product as I suffer from carcinoid cancer and had 60% of my small intestine removed two years ago.

        Would appreciate help.

        Thanks and regards


        • Laura Morrison

          Did you obtain the grains? If not, I can send you some, I live in Texas and I also had colon cancer but some years back.

      • Wait, I cannot fathom it being so strgiahtforawrd.

      • Kátia

        Hi Barry, I live in Mozambique. Could you help me as well? I need some Kefir grains as well. I can come to fetch personally or find a way to send someone. Regards

  • bj

    Hey guys I would love to have some live kiefer (all I can get here is the power) Will be glad to pay the postage. please email. thanks

    • hi, there i do have some live Kefir but will not be able to send right way due to i will be on holiday i will be away for 2 weeks
      let me know if you still want some just email me to let me know

      • Maria Cruz

        Peter, I would like to have some live kefir if you are still giving it away. I’m in New York, and will pay for postage. Thank you.

    • Matilda

      If you go to amazon, you can buy live kefir grains from Lifetime Kefir and they are wonderful. $8.99.

  • Roberto

    I have a very bad candida , i would like to know if i can use water or coconut kefir and what type of effects i have to expect at the beggining?

    • Marie

      Hi Roberto,

      Cold pressed, extra virgin coconut oil is the best way to clear your body of candida, kefir then helps with ensuring your system has healthy bacteria once you have cleansed the candida from it. Marie

      • Wayne

        Marie… I have candida beyond belief, diabetes…. bloated stomach (looks like i’m pregnant)…. give me some info on you’re experience with candida. thanks wayne

        • cc

          Hi Wayne
          did you get a response from marie about the candida cure? I would like to know how to clear the candida as I have it also.

  • Can anyone tell me if the Lifeway Lowfat Kefir Cultured Milk is as healthy as growing your own Kefir. I just recently heard of Kefir and I am trying to add all natural healthly items into my diet. I have no idea where to buy kefir and I am leary of buying from someone on line to know if that is really what you are getting.

    Thanks, Pam

    • Gayle

      I started drinking Lifeway Kefir over a year ago and it has changed my life! I pour some Kefir over granola, add berries, and it is a delicious and very satisfying breakfast. I have not been sick at all – not even a cold – since starting the Kefir – Lifeway Kefir. I find it at a couple of different grocery stores in town. Ask your grocer to start carrying it. All the best.


      • Jeanne


        I started out on Lifetime Keifer also. I ordered some keifer grains from Amazon from a guy-(Lifetime Keifer)-they have been great and no problems. I have read that homemade is soo much better(for you) than store bought. It’s very easy to do.

        • Jeanne

          ps…I add Stevia to mine.

    • june

      you can get kefir at metro store in the cooler where the yogurt is. june

  • Laura

    Where can I find a reputable link that will give me actual proof that this does all that it says it does!!! Sounds like a hoax to me

    • Mary – Texas

      No! Laura its for real. We are all used to taking meds rather than things that God orovides naturally. I had HPylori and was severely nauseated almost all day. One drink ( seriously) and I have not had nausea. I love ALL the benefits kefir provides but try it and you will see. Raw cow ir goat milk is a must since pasturized is Dead milk.
      I hope you will try it. When we first started we used fruit and made smoothies then we git brave and used just honey. Now I just drink it straight .My friend fads ulcers and wd fall to the floor in pain and after one drink slept thru the night. Good luck to you all. Gıda bless you. Mary

  • Melissa

    Is this product good to take when pregnant? Or does it have to much bacteria?

  • Beth

    I would like to purchased the grains, I live in the state of Delaware. Not sure how this all works.

    • Linda

      Folklore has it that grains should never be sold but only given. OK though to pay for postage to get to you.

  • laura

    Hi… does anybody know where i can buy real kefir grains in san antonio tx? Thanks

    • SM

      I bought mine on Amazon. There are lots of vendors… all reliable.

      • Kathie

        I would love some of you live culture is you still have them.

    • Michelle

      I have been making water kefir and have grains coming out my ears at the moment. I am still learning about them and didn’t realize until today that eating them is beneficial as well! I hope it’s ok on here to state that I would be very willing to share my extra grains for the cost of postage. These are actual grains, not powder, which is what was sent to me. I’m not interested in selling them to make money, but just to share them with others.

      • Dena

        I would be interested in some of your extra grains, and any info would be great also…I’ve looked for Kefir in all my grocery stores around here and can’t find it, I’m in Washington, so if you could email me and let me know shipping costs that would be great……
        Thanks for any info


      • julie

        Hi…Thank you for your offer for live grains for Kefir. I want to learn to make my own but don’t know how. If you have some grains to spare please email and I will either mail you a check or $ for postage. Any detailed instructions for making Kefir or any other related recipoe would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks you for your kindness. Julie

      • Bhagwati

        Hello Michelle I wonder if you might still have some surplus grains? I am in Canada and just caught onto Kefir and would love to start making my own. Please let me know 🙂 best

        • Rochelle

          I live in Victoria and have surplus every month as they multiply like mad. Let me know if you’re interested.

          • Anne

            Hi Rochelle

            I’m wondering if I would be able to obtain some Kefir Grains from you. I would be happy to pay for them and postage. I am in Nanaimo, BC.

            My address is: Anne Kivari
            #22-103 Ashlar Avenue
            Nanaimo, BC V9R3P3

            Thanks kindly, Anne.

          • Nicole Becker

            Hello, Rochelle. I live in northern BC (Fort St. John) and would love some of the Kefir buds or grains. My husband was given a horrible dose of antibiotics and he has nothing but diarehea for the past coupe months. Please send me an email and I will give you my address. Will send you postage or what ever you need. Thank you

          • Taryn

            Hi Rochelle, I’ve been looking for grains in Vic and would be grateful if you could email me at teabee3 at yahoo dot ca. Thanks!

          • (mrs,) wilfriede corkill

            Hi rochelle, I’ve been looking for kefir grains for over a year with no luck. I wouldn’t order over internet because I don’t like giving out too much info. Please say you have some for me, I’d gladly pick it up. I live in langford, b.c. Do you charge for it? Thankyou, wilfriede corkill

          • (mrs,) wilfriede corkill

            Hi rochelle, I no longer require kefir from you as I discovered some of the grains were available through another source but thank you for your offer.

          • Jan

            I also live in Victoria and would like to get some kefir grains from you. You can reach me at kaybelle16 at gmail dot com. Thanks.

          • Guinnski

            Hi Rochelle – do you currently have any surplus? I am interested in making my own 🙂 Thanks – Angie (

        • Lu

          Rochelle – I am coming to Victoria in May. Would you have any kefir to share? I just had my first container and love it. Thanks

      • Metz Zaporta

        I am interested in some of your water kefir grains. Let me know what your costs are, and I will send the $$$$. E-mail me, and I will send my address.

        Thank you,

    • susan straus

      Hi, did you find kefir grains yet ? I live in San Antonio.
      Call me at 846-4046 (cell). I have been making milk kefir since June.
      I have extra grains right now – i am very busy, but if you tell me what time you want to stop by I can give them to you. I got them from the kefir lady. They are excellent grains and they have never been refrigerated.
      Let me know if you need any. Otherwise, i may have to put them down the drain, which is a waste.
      So far I dont know anyone who wants them. They are growing too big and I have to reduce them since I don’t make that much kefir at one time.
      Thanks, Susan

      • Jillian

        Do you still have extra kefir grains? I live in San Antonio and am looking for some.

  • Debbie

    I was wondering if Kefir would be beneficial for ongoing nausea and occasional diahrrea? I have had every test possible to diagnose the nausea and the only positive test has been for reoccuring bacterial overgrowth in the small bowel. I am borderline lactose intolerant. I just bought an over the counter Kefir. If Kefir would be beneficial what amount should I take daily?


    • Jo

      Try to get some kefir grains, not powder, real kefir grains, the living culture itself, & start making your own kefir at home. It’s easy & it does taste a little different than STORE BOUGHT but is very very good for you & you can make whatever flavor smoothie you want adding fruit etc. There are tons of kefir recipes online, try some out. STORE BOUGHT does not have all the benefits of homemade kefir. STORE BOUGHT is pasturized, has added sugars, doesn’t have the active potency of fresh kefir. If you are drinking kefir for the health benefits to get well you have to drink the HOMEMADE kefir. Research the difference, you will see right away HOMEMADE is the way to go. You will benefit greatly from HOMEMADE kefir especially since you have the over growth of bacteria in your small bowel. Don’t worry about lactose intolerance, the kefir grains consume the lactose & produce all the healthy stuff you need in your body to get well & maintain a healthly digestive tract. I hope you get well soon! 🙂

      • Cathy

        Hi Jo, You sound like you know about water kefir and it’s benefits. I’m going away for about 5 days and I just started making kefir water. What do I do with the grains while I’m gone? I just bought them and I don’t want them to die. Thanks for your help.

  • Shabine

    My sister in law gave me some “milk” kefir and “water” kefir grains. So far I have enjoyed making and drinking both. My “water” grains are multiplying a lot so I have just put the rest in my compost and my sister in law places them directly in the soil. My “milk” grains were the size of rice but are now dumpling size but they as of yet have not overtaken me. I just made Ranch dressing and it is delicious. I make the smoothie in the morning and drink the water kefir with dinner. If you have not heard of CHIA SEEDS you need to check it out. The health benefits are too numerous to list.
    Smoothie in the morning:
    1 cup Kefir
    2 tbs Flaxseed
    1 cup frozen or 1 fresh fruit
    1 tbs chia seeds. If you have not heard of CHIA SEEDS you need to check it out. The health benefits are too numerous to list.
    Agave if necessary

  • Kathalina

    I am a new mommy and i have a baby with mild colic and I am looking into something to help him with his immature digestive system has anyone tried this with their infant? I understand that i could not be given with milk what would be the best alternative for a child under the age of 3 months that dosen’t get solid foods?

  • Emma

    Get quality grains raised in fresh goats milk from
    You don’t want to use powdered starter.