Kefir Forum

  • Gemma Sweeney

    Hi! I have just started making kefir. First time I tried it I drank a small bowlful and couple of hours later got a bad headache that lasted all night. Does anyone else get this problem? Thanks.

  • Tina

    Hi, has anyone tried Kefir with almond milk? I make it myself.
    Is the benefits still the same?
    I’ve tried it with Soya milk and it seems ok. I want to give some to my vegan daughter.

  • Racheal On TheScene

    If i have been storing my grains in the fridge for a week or 2 can i drink the milk that i strain off?

  • Jules

    Hi there Good Kefir Peoples, I have just begun taking kefir and so far no issue…But could someone inform me as to when is the best time to have eight ounce glass of Kefir?? Like with Apple Cider Vineger it is recommended to consume in the morning or before each meal (I stopped this as my old hernia began to play up, hence the move to Kefir yoghurt)…But I have not read anything to suggest when is best to have Kefir Probiotic Yoghurt, which I love love love….I purchased one with coconut in it and it is fantastic.

  • raindrops2000

    I started Kefir however it tastes like sour milk. Smells like yeast.

    Is this normal or what
    should I do with it? Throw it or is there a way to fix it?

  • Diana

    My kefir grains have been used daily, by me, for ten years…I’ve added kefir to most recipes,shared for ten years. I’m ready for separating probiotics from kefir or grain for skin purposes! Check out new expensive skin creams either probiotics! WE, the kefir community, have more to learn, more ways to improve us, inside and out!…anyone have ideas how to do this? I propose mamy of us accept this challenge! As I age, I know wrinkles, dark skin spots can all be improved! Let’s do this!

  • Linda Johnson

    Hi there 🙂 I have been an avid kefir user for about two years. Just in the last week, my grains have turned to skin! Big huge white pieces of skin that almost look like mini shower caps.. It is still making kefir but it isn’t great. Anyone else had this happen to their kefir?

  • Dave

    Can anyone recommend a credible and reliable Kefir seller, I just used one from Amazon and found what was sent was considerably less that was shown in the advertised photo. Also even asking them would not tell me, what is meant to be the consistency of Kefir is is meant as a milky drink or as a yogurt. It also appears unless you pay for a Kefir strainer, the process of finding the kefir grains can become very messy, hard to find, appears to break up the grains so making it harder to find next time – which results in the grains become indistinguishable from the liquid.