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  • Rob

    I really like the information about how beneficial kefir is. I have a gut flora imbalance at the moment. My lower bowel is carrying about 10-15lbs more than it should. I had the same issue 6months back, eradicated it with high potency probiotics. I’m trying again however cannot seem to populate that lower bowel with my regular probiotics. Using renew life 80 billion, thorne research bacillius 5 billion. I tried KEFIR, 4 tlbs and had the absolute worst insomnia for 2 nights. I actually had trouble sleeping day 2 even though I never ingested it. I believe it’s due to its quality of repopulating and self sustained environment it creates.

    My questions
    Anyone else have an insomnia exp with kefir?

  • Burton

    Hello,, I’d production some kefir in small industries.. my product storage at showcase (4 oC), but after several weeks, the bottle’s become blow up, because the production a gas from kefir. and the taste becoming more sour. does anyone have any ideas for make a kefir with less gas and pH is constant (not become sour)? thanks before

  • Anna Pater

    How can I save my kefir grains when gone? Can I freeze them?

  • Jessica

    I started making Kefir at home several months ago with great success. However three weeks ago, I started developing fairly severe diarrhea and abdominal cramping/burning stomach, which has persisted to this very day. My symptoms seem to worsen when I consume diary. I’ve stopped drinking the Kefir since I started getting the negative symptoms and it has calmed down a bit, but I still have diarrhea about 3 times daily. When I was a child I was lactose intolerant and would vomit frequently, but I grew out of it in my pre-teen years and haven’t had any problems with dairy until three weeks ago – I’m 29 now. Is it possible that Kefir has made me lactose or casein intolerant again? Also, my friend that I got the Kefir Grains from told me two weeks ago that she developed a severe yeast infection that her doctor linked back to the Kefir. Does anyone have any ideas what may be going on in my guts?

    • Jessica

      Update! It’s been 9 days since I posted about my intestinal distress, and I am happy to say that I am feeling much better now. If anyone is suffering the way I did, here’s what worked for me:
      1. I purchased a bottle of liquid probiotic supplement from my local drugstore and followed the recommended dosage, have been taking it everyday, seems to have put me back in balance.
      2. I purchased a bottle of Aloe Vera Juice and have been drinking it everyday – very soothing to the tummy.
      3. Colloidal Silver (but don’t OD on this stuff, I read it can turn your skin and gums blue!)
      4. Blueberries (I read online that they’re an old remedy for stomach upset)
      5. Raw Carrots (I read online that they’re anti-viral and the pulp helps move stuff through your intestine)
      I’ve also re-introduced small amounts of dairy into my diet and I haven’t gotten the belly bubbles! Woo!

      I have not started drinking the Kefir again. Though I washed my jars regularly in hot soapy water, I’m wondering if I cultured a bad bacteria in there by not boiling the jars. Also, I was making the Kefir in a sealed container, not a breathable container – maybe the lack of oxygen created a bad environment for the Kefir bacteria…Regardless, I’m feeling normal again! My advice, RESEARCH everything about this process before you dive in.

    • Doreen Maloney-Coles

      Yes I consider you actually have Trapped Emotions (emotional baggage) causing your problems. A trapped emotion will vibrate without mercy, until it is removed. I just treated a lady who has had tummy problems for a very longtime, and within 20 minutes her stomach felt relaxed and had no pain. Her immune system was only 23%, and after the one session it was 100%. Her stomach was so out of balance and her Pyloric Sphinpter which is just above the small intestine was allowing gases to travel from the stomach, all because of a Trapped Emotion which was inherited from her mother. This lady takes Kefir all the time, and we found she needed to take more than what she was taking, her body needed it. Go online and have a look at *The Emotion Code” and also “The Body Code” two amazing healing tools that I feel sure would be beneficial to you. Good luck, and blessings from New Zealand. By the way this treatment can be done by proxy, we can work across the globe, with amazing results.

      • Leanne

        Hello Doreen, I took to kefir like a duck to water, I felt immediate benefit. Those that introduced it to me said you couldn’t have too much and given I seem to be kinda craving the stuff, I drink about a litre a day. Sometimes it makes me feel really light headed. I know this is not about alcohol content, do you know what is causing light headedness? Wondering if it’s part of detox.

  • Kefir Believer

    I have herpes gladiatorum which over the past year has caused me to have herpes outbreaks on a monthly basis. I started drinking kefir about 4 months ago and have only had one outbreak since then, which occurred when I missed drinking my kefir for a day.

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  • Kefir Believer

    I have herpes gladiatorum (also known as scrum pox), a form of herpes usually contracted through contact sports (I caught it playing rugby). A year ago I began teaching at a school that is very crowded, where I am exposed to all kinds of stress on my immune system, which has caused me to have multiple herpes outbreaks every month. I started drinking kefir about 5 months ago and have only had one outbreak, which occurred when I missed drinking my kefir for a day.