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  • Anthony

    Hello, Not sure if people still use this forum but I have a quick question. I just realized that I have been mistaken curds with kefir grains this whole time. How do I decipher between grains and curds? I strain it all through and I get small white, cloudy puffs and I don’t know if there grains or curds. I fear I may have thrown the grains out when i over fermented and now im just creating curds instead of actual kefir. Is that possible? please help, Thanks!

    • Blue

      The curds will break up when squeezed or crushed, while the grains will be more like a sponge (jelly-like almost) and retain their shape somewhat. It may be hard to tell with the smaller grains though. I personally don´t bother with the small grains since I have enough large ones for my own fermentation. Unlike the norm, I also do not use a sieve to strain my kefir, I ferment the kefir in a mason jar overnight and just dump it all into a bowl and scoop out all the grains with a spoon. It may be possible that even if you have thrown out all the grains that the curds you have been saving will still have the kefir bacteria in them. Does it still taste like kefir? But you would have to see if the kefir ferments or not in your next batch, you may need new grains.

      • Anthony

        Thanks a lot for the response! I really appreciate it. The next batch did taste like kefir. I think I’m down to very small grains or possible just the bacteria on the curds(seems hard to tell, as you said) I going to keep trying and see if they grow, if not, Ill have to order some new grains. Thanks again.

  • Stefan

    Can anyone tell me if they’ve had this happen to their kefir whey?
    If so, is the whey still safe to use?

    • Blue

      In my experiences of kefir making, I have never seen this before. Even when I over-ferment. I would not try to use this.

  • Naomi

    So have have been making & drinking water Kefir for about 3 weeks. I love it! The first week I felt sick but I figured it was because my gut has been so screwed up from taking antibiotics all the time for sinus infections. The 2nd week was a lot better. I started loosing weight & have way more energy. So now I’m at week 3 & have lost 10lbs. But my face feels flushed & sometimes inflamed in the sinuses. I was told by my doctor I have airborne allergies to 2 grasses, 2 types of dust, American Cockroaches & cat hair. Now I constantly keep my house clean & have my cats groomed regularly. Besides, the allergist said after awhile you get immune to your cats. They are 9 & 4. Also take Nasocort & Zyrtec daily.

    Now have read that Kefir helps with allergies & I am wondering if the sinus issues are actually a die-off process in my face & not really an allergy issue. Another reason I think it might be die-off is I haven’t had any vertigo issues like I normally do since I have the inner ear disease Meniere’s.

    Anyone else have or had the same issue?